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Virtual Doula Support

Includes prenatal video meetings; 24/7 on-call phone and text support near your estimated due date; continuous virtual presence throughout your labor and birth; and postpartum video follow-up care.

Who is this service for?

  • Home, birthing center & hospital birthers;

  • Anyone giving birth, anywhere in the world, who resonates with my holistic approach;

  • Those living in underserved communities or with reduced perinatal health options; and/or

  • ​Families whose birth options are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual Doula Support Includes:

Three to four virtual prenatal meetings.

We’ll establish care, work to establishing a yoga practice, share and practice labor coping techniques (e.g. positioning, movements, massage, acupressure, nutrition, breathing, relaxation techniques, affirmations, water therapy, and more), discuss what to expect in labor and birth, go over your birth wishes (including assistance with creating a visual Motherboard birth plan -- one-year subscription included in my service), and determine how I’ll best serve you at your birthing time.

If you have a partner that will be physically present with you at your birth, I will offer them ways to support you most efficiently.

Continuous virtual labor and birth support.

I will be available to you for the entirety of your labor and birth via video chat, phone, beginning whenever you wish to have me present with you.

Virtual labor support is different from in-person support, in that I will not be there to support you hands-on, but I will offer suggestions, guidance, and hold space for you and your physical support people through the birth process. For more info on what labor support looks like, click here.

Three postpartum virtual visits.

After birth, we’ll meet virtually to review your labor and birth experience. I will answer any questions, provide resources for postpartum support if needed, and ensure you’re adjusting well to new parenthood.

All video support is offered via Zoom at my expense.  I can only offer my services in English. All services and classes can be on a payment plan / sliding scale / barter contract.


Barter Considerations: We are looking for mulch, planting materials, landscaping services, fill dirt & bushhogging services in Flora, MS.  We are also considering farm produce shares and online classes that you offer in the healthcare field for CEUs.  

fee: $800


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