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Julia Conley

Brandon, MS

"Cassandra is wonderful!  She enhanced our birthing experience dramatically! Her calm nature and caring spirit made us relax through the pregnancy as well as our birth. We think of her more like family now that she helped us bring our sweet baby into the world. I would recommend her to anyone that is considering a natural childbirth through HypnoBirthing, or if you are looking for a Doula for any other reason. My husband and I had some reservations at first, him more than me, but we both agree that we were so thankful for her presence at the birth and the guidance she gave us through the pregnancy and even home visits after. We truly believe the whole birthing experience made us stronger as a couple and it was everything we hoped it would be. Thank you, Cassandra!"

Jana Davis

Madison, MS

"I cannot put into words just how valuable having Cassandra has been for my husband and I.  We birthed in TN and Cassandra made the trip to be with us.  As soon as she arrived, my husband noticed how she just seamlessly joined in the labor right away, knowing exactly what I needed.  She came in fully prepared with all her tools and skills! Her voice was calm and soothing. She had such a loving way of guidance for both my husband and myself.  She would suggest positions for me to labor and for my husband to assist in the best way possible.  Hindsight, it meant so much and made such a difference that she had my husband in front of me so I could see only him and hold his hands, even though I didn't know that's what I needed and couldn't articulate anything at the moment.  Several times when I was still deep in labor unable to speak, she'd have just the right essential oil ready for me to sniff.  She helped me get into pushing positions that alleviated soreness in my legs.  She completely handled getting my placenta safely back to MS and encapsulated. She even went above and beyond to ship them to us at our birth house in TN.  She provided postpartum care and assisted with baby wearing techniques.  HypnoBirthing was so helpful in keeping me calm and focused during the entire labor. Cassandra is incredibly passionate about her clients and their experience. So highly recommended!!!! "

Emily Daniels Meridian, MS

"Cassandra helped us get ready for birth as a team with her group classes and individual instruction. She also accompanied me on a hospital visit ahead of time, which made things flow better on the actual birthing day. When that day came,  she was such a huge help. She worked with my husband to get me into new positions and provided additional emotional support that hospital nurses just don't have the time for. She worked well with my OB and the staff. My OB really liked having her there and even noted her calm voice. I would recommend Cassandra to anyone who wants to be aided in having a positive birthing experience."

Christie Henderson

Brandon, MS

"Cassandra served as my doula at my homebirth. She also educated me in HypnoBirthing and was my prenatal yoga instructor. She has such a calming way about her. She’s up to date and well-versed in evidence-based birth practices. She supports women and families, and never once did I feel like she tried to insert her personal beliefs into my plans. In the last weeks of my pregnancy, she kept in close touch with me and came to my home to discuss what she brings to a birth and various pain relief techniques. During my actual labor, she arrived quickly after she was called. She was soft-spoken, reassuring, and constantly affirmed my abilities. In the final few minutes before my baby arrived, Cassandra got close to me and quietly talked me through the end. She helped me achieve the most beautiful birth. I’ve known Cassandra for number of years, and I’ve never once heard anyone say they had a bad experience with her. I have had three children, and my last child was the first birth where I had a doula. When I plan to have another child, Cassandra will be one of the first people I call."

Cecile Morvan

Florence, MS

"Cassandra has been an amazing source of support and knowledge ever since I met her! In the last few weeks of my pregnancy, she provided me with many resources, and was very generous and flexible with her time, adjusting our meetings to my needs - whether it was information, just chatting and alleviating my fears, rehearsing HypnoBirthing scripts, or practicing yoga or relaxation. I ended up having to have a C-section and she stayed at my request. In the hours after the surgery, she tended to my needs with incredible patience and care, making me feel comforted, nurtured, and reassured. Since then, she has remained an important part of my learning to be a new mom, and is always a text or a phone call away for any question (or venting!) on breastfeeding, baby wearing, or just general baby care. She has put me in touch with other professionals based on my needs, from lactation consultants, to chiropractors and massage therapists, as well as other mommy friends. I look forward to returning to her family yoga classes, and other mommy-centered gatherings. Having Cassandra as my doula was the best decision I made for my son's birth: not only did she make an amazing difference in everything surrounding his birth but I also feel lucky that I gained a wonderful friend!"

Rachel Purser

Jackson, MS

"In love with Cassandra! She was so wonderful at my homebirth.  Gentle voice and calming presence,  light touch in all the right places- I just can not imagine my wonderful birth experience without her.  She also carries amazing tools with her.  The doula fan right before transition was a God-send and she knew just when to use it! Very knowledgeable about the body and pressure points.  Quite literally my right hand when I could not hold my body up while pushing~ She was an amazing support! So glad to have had her by my side."

Nikki Howell

Lafayette, LA

"So calm and wise.

A steady guide before, during, and even after birth!

Cassandra's guidance before and during birth was exceptional. I felt truly prepared during my very long labor. Her hypnobirthing techniques are useful far beyond labor and delivery! She was a calm steady hand throughout, for both myself and my husband!"

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