HypnoBirthing instruction can help you...

  • Learn and practice relaxation, visualization & affirmation techniques

    • Give your baby a welcome that is calm, gentle, and safe

  • Achieve your desired birth

    • Remain awake and alert

    • A relaxed state of mind and body

  • Educate yourself and find local resources

  • Discuss and release fears and anxieties

  • Share comfort measures & relaxation deepening tools with your birth companions and/or partner 

  • Find a provider that supports your desires and gives you evidence-based decisions on your health and your particular pregnancy



5 week Couple class series

& Bonus mom only Workshop

  • Online HypnoBirthing┬« Instinctive Childbirth Series:

    • 5 Weeks

    • Sundays @ 5:30  -  8:30 PM

    • 8/23/20 - 9/20/20

Group Class | $300 Per couple

Includes 5-week class series (15 total hours of instruction), textbook, workbook, relaxation track downloads, online resources, private Facebook Group, limited professional doula phone / text support based on need -- free consult to make a determination, and digital birth affirmations.