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Cassandra Newman


Every time I walked into my care providers office for an appointment I had already psyched myself out in the car. Walking in, I was prepared for a long wait.  I had to employ my relaxation tools to make sure my blood pressure didn't register as high risk and felt I had to put on my "super nice mask" to befriend all the support staff to ensure that they would treat me with respect or just answer my questions. When my name was finally called, I was subjected to a rushed and extremely short clinical visit, with one of nine possible providers in the practice, where I was lucky to get two questions answered. Then, I always felt like my concerns were being brushed off...


My husband and I read a few books and had taken the standard hospital birthing class, but we weren’t prepared to give birth in a bureaucratic and impersonal health care system.

During the hospital tour, I was told that I would need to stay in bed my entire labor, that I would not be "allowed" to eat or drink, and that many interventions would be required due to hospital policy, regardless if they were medically unnecessary. 


Above all else, I knew that I wanted to feel in control of the choices for my own body! Something told me to have a birth where I was able to advocate for myself and have that kind of autonomy -- preparation, skilled guidance, and tenacity would be required.


After a particularly frustrating clinical visit with yet another provider in the practice, I decided that I wanted an empowering birth! My partner and I needed to learn the evidence on childbirth practices, how to stay comfortable during labor, and how we could speak up and use our voice. We are so thankful to our doula and childbirth education classes that supported us as we changed providers and birthing locations which better mirrored our values and desires.


When I moved to Mississippi, I began my training to offer the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class so that I could skillfully mentor families in evidence based care, comfort measures, and advocacy.  This class will offer you the resources to embrace your birth and parenting experience with courage and confidence.


Evidence Based Birth and I will be there with you every step of the way!


– Cassandra


“I really appreciated how informative it was. I knew a lot about the biology of birth and babies, but what we learned was just very impressive. It was a really good experience—fairly chill, fairly laid-back, and not nearly as awkward as I thought it might be. All the information—I never would’ve thought there was that much information out there! If we hadn’t have taken this class, it would have been significantly more stressful.”

Drew Stoudenmire

“One of the things that was huge for both of us was the research… Not only are we learning things that are evidence based, but this is not one of those things where, ‘Just because someone put it in a research article, it must be true.’ We both really loved that academic aspect of it. Everything we had learned gave us a lot more confidence, and the ability to focus on what we were doing and not have to worry about ‘what-ifs’.”

– AnnaMarie Stoudenmire


Take the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class:

  • Get mentorship, community, and guidance! 

  • Learn about evidence based care, comfort measures, and advocacy

  • Get prepared, get answers, get empowered!


Don’t you wish you could take a Childbirth Class that includes…

  • Mentorship from an experienced Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

  • Two in-person classes to practice your labor skills

  • Five weeks of online videos for you and your partner to watch together

  • BONUS: Breastfeeding and newborn care videos

  • BONUS: Four video chats with your Instructor

  • BONUS: Earn points throughout the class to get prizes at the end!

Ready to get empowered? Register for your class now!

Spots in each class are limited (6 couples per class), so do not wait to schedule!

Want to watch a sample video?

Watch this short video to get an idea of the types of skills you can learn in the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class!

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All Videos

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